Monday, April 10, 2006

Singing in Church

We are singing with feelings and emotions, our soul is this whole of this feelings and emotions.

--Jose Carreras

Yesterday was not how I typically picture church in my mind. We are in the process of renovating and expanding our main building, so things are, well...a bit messy. The demolition crew had done quite a lot of work the since the previous Sunday, so when we arrived for the worship service yesterday we were greeted by portapotties, plywood walls, chain-link fencing, and lots of construction tape everywhere. It was all nice and clean, but it was still very obviously a construction site.

The cool thing was, I really enjoyed being at church. For the first time in I don't know how long, I had enough lung power to sing with every hymn. I hardly even coughed much in spite of the lingering saw-dust smells. The main wall of the building was missing and had been replaced by temporary ply wood, but I wasn't cold. I got to see people I hadn't seen for awhile since I had been sick, and our friends Liz and Clay were there with their new baby, Isaac. I don't know why, but I felt very connected not only to my church community, but to God as well. I like that feeling.

Current mood: chipper
Current snack: raspberry yogurt
Health-o-meter: 95% of baseline
Emotional weather: clear skies

I am a christian with CF. I live in London, England. I am 17. I came across your blog randomly and it's so nice to hear another christian's thoughts on having CF. So does the saline treatment work cos my doctors think that they might try me on that?
Hi Ruth!
Thanks for leaving a comment on the blog. At this point, I would have to say the jury is still out on whether the saline works for me personally. I think it does, because I don't feel nearly as dried out in there, even with all the allergy meds I take. I've read up on the subject, and from what I can tell, there is good evidence supporting the use of saline. I say go for it! It's relatively inexpensive compared to other CF treatments, and it's way more comfortable than doing tons of chest PT to clear the gunk out of the lungs.

I hope that helps. Please keep in touch! I'm always glad to meet another CFer, especially when we also have our personal faith in common.

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