Thursday, December 01, 2005

You've Got to be Kidding

*gulp!* --Me at 2:30 pm

I dropped of my prescriptions at the hospital pharmacy. When I arrived to pick them up, the pharmacist told me that my insurance will not fill one of them in pill form. Ugh. But wait, it gets better...the pharmacy ran out of one of my other meds and won't have any until tomorrow at noon. That would be fine except I took my last dose on Tuesday and was seriously in need of it tonight. And yes, it's the one that keeps me from being a loony toon.

Emotional weather: TORNADO WARNING; anticipating a funnel cloud to touch down about 9p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

That's a cute post. ;D
Well.... atleast it's not a hurricane... :) Here's hoping things will get worked out quickly and painlessly.

By the way, great job on your PFT.

The storm has since blown over. It was rough going for awhile there, but once I got my meds I was able to calm down quite a bit. Praise God for the emergency stash of valium!
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