Monday, November 21, 2005

Please Pass the Seratonin

For fast-acting relief, try slowing down. --Lily Tomlin

Well, I did it. I swallowed that yucky feeling that comes from dreading a confrontation. Last night I gave my notice to our church choir director that after the Christmas program, I wouldn't be available anymore. There are only so many hours in a day, and Brad and I think that our time would be better spent by getting to know the other young married couples at church. There is a community group that meets every other week, but we've already missed more meetings than we have attended because of our committment to the choir.

This weekend was a good one. Brad and I totally relaxed on Saturday. I think we both knew that it was likely to be our last restful Saturday before we are totally engrossed in family plans and holiday parties. We bought some new DVDs. Hooray for Blockbuster's low prices on the 'pre-viewed' items! I have no problem with second hand videos. We got "National Treasure", "Ocean's 12" and "After the Sunset". Notice a common theme? We like heist movies--some more than others.

Healthwise this weekend was up and down. The dry weather made me a bit miserable in the sinuses department, but my cough seems to decreasing in frequency and difficulty. I still have a slight post-nasal drip thing going on, but as long as I'm keeping a box of tissues handy, I can get rid of that junk without giving it time to create problems in other parts of my respiratory tract. My appetite isn't as good as it could be, but I'm not too worried about that. Today I'm pleased to report that I'm wearing my "big pants" and I don't even need a belt to keep them up. The size 3 jeans that my mom bought for me a few months ago are now too tight to wear all the time, so that's cool.

I'm trying to eat more fruits. I think my body chemistry is a bit out of whack because I'm craving things that aren't good for me. So, instead of reaching for the thing I think I want, I am feeding myself what I know my body needs. Right now I'm eating a banana, which is good for my mental health as well sine it contains seratonin (a natural "upper"). I'm definitely going to need this today because...are you ready for this...I'm cutting back on caffeine. Yikes!

It has now been 87 hours since I last had a caffeinated beverage. Scary, no?

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