Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A New Day

So far so good. We take it one day at a time.
--Celine Dion

Nothing spectacular is going on today other than the fact that my dreary mood is lifting. I didn't have to cough for quite as long this morning when I woke up, and now that the hormonal pendulum is swinging back the other way, my cough isn't as tight of whistle-y as it had been. That's a good thing. I ate a nice big breakfast today which included an instant breakfast for some added calories, and my sinus headache is subsiding.

Current mood: confident/productive
Current snack item: banana
Health-o-meter: 80% of my baseline; mostly just tired

My plans for the rest of the day include stopping at the music store on the way home from work to buy a mute for my F. horn, helping Brad with the laundry, and giving myself permission to rest a bit. Dinner tonight will be chili cups, because they're easy and tasty.

God is faithful. He poured out all kinds of encouragement on me yesterday. I got a really nice email from a friend of my Aunt's who said that she appreciates reading my Pools of Grace blog. I also received some encouraging comments on this blog. It's nice to know that I'm not alone. I think what made me feel the happiest was sitting on the couch with my husband after dinner last night while we shared some peach cobbler/compote a la mode as we watched "2 1/2 Men" on TV. I love those little domestic moments that make me feel all cozy inside. I'm looking forward to more of them in the weeks to come.

Hey Lauren! I am glad you are feeling better today than yesterday. I am going to try your advice tonight about keeping warm to help my coughing. I have been pretty cold lately even in flannel p.j.'s. Talk to you soon!
Hey Leah. I hope you'll be able to stay cozy warm tonight. Let me know how it goes!

I wasn't trying to dole out free advice, I was just sharing what works for me. I hope you'll find a workable solution too. Is being cold most of the time associated with anemia? I have low blood pressure, so that's probably why I'm usually chilly.

Hasta! <><
I didn't cough last night! Yey. (It might have been cause I started Ceptra and Tobi the day before also.)
Congrats on getting in a decent night without coughing! Is Seth able to sleep right though the coughing spells, or does he wake up a bit? Brad wakes up if I nudge him for help, but other than that he just stays on his side of the bed sawing logs :)He's cute when he sleeps...
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