Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Food is an important part of a balanced diet. --Fran Lebowitz

My appetite is finally returning to normal. Usually I'm a bottomless pit, but that hasn't been the case for several weeks now. I've had to really make a conscious effort to eat frequently, and not just eat junk. I've been drinking more milk (whole milk of course!) and I'm sure that extra fat will do much to provide me with some extra padding for the winter.

I read somewhere that it is better to have several small meals throughout the day rather than a few big ones. I'm finding that this really works well for me. I used to prepare HUGE meals at home and take a gi-normous lunch with me to work. Now I choose to eat throughout the day instead of completely stuff my face three times a day. By doing this I don't become nearly as bloated as I used to, and the instances of having a "soup poop" are far less frequent. Of course, now that I'm on antibiotics my whole intestinal situation might get very out of whack but oh well.

Current mood: pleasant
Current snack: Sub Sandwich from the deli at Vons
Emotional weather: Clear skies
Health-o-Meter: 75% of baseline. (wheezy and tight)

You wanna know what packs the pounds on me during the Christmas season? ...eggnog. If you like it, you should drink it cause it is extremely fattening!
Never tried eggnog, but I think I will since you suggested it. Another good way to get a few more calories is to use buttermilk in recipes that call for milk.
Oh the best way to drink eggnog is with cinnamon and nutmeg powder! If you have some of that around I would sprinle that on the top! Yum Yum!
I saw that Starbucks has an eggnog latte right now. I wonder if that would be any good if I asked them to add malt to it?

Don't worry, I'd go the decaf route :)
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