Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tales from the Office (as of my lunch break)

PC load letter? What the [heck] is that?!--Office Space

Part of my job involves finalizing the reports of the projects we have done for our clients. Usually that includes burning a PDF document or Word document to a CD, creating a snazzy label using our company's and the client's logos, and putting it all together in a neat little package. This finalization process is typically a mad dash for the finish line as we try to get it all done before the project's closing deadline. Needless to say, it can be a pressure cooker, and Murphy's Law rules the day.

But not today!! God must have known that I didn't need to be stressed out today. I burned all the copies of the CDs without making a single coaster. The labels all printed without coming apart halfway through the printer or causing a nasty paper jam--that alone was enough of a blessing to prompt me to thank God in a little prayer. I was so happy about the labels working properly that I didn't really mind that I was forced to use bright neon green CDs when I ran out of the sleek silver ones.

All in all, I enjoy my job. I'm not always crazy about it when I can't catch a break from the beast of a printer we've got in the workroom, but even so, I could be in a far worse situation. My supervisor is great, my coworkers are amicable, and the proximity to home is virtually ideal.

If only the vending machine weren't so far away...

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