Thursday, October 06, 2005

*Sigh* Peer Pressure

Well, seeing as how my new friends have their cute mugs available, I thought I'd stick a photo of myself on here too. Enjoy!

I saw you guys were in SO-Cal. I used to go to UCSD for treatment. Do you go to that one... If so, did you know Dr. Light, or Debbie Boon?
Did you go to Thornton or Hillcrest? I go to Thornton (it's across the street from where I work, how cool is that!) I don't know the names you mentioned since I've only been going there for about a year now. I haven't always lived in this area.

I hear ya on the germaphobe thing. I think you're right, it probably is by necessity but I also have OCD but I'm not a nut about it. I do keep one of those little hand sanitizer thingies everywhere. There's one in my desk at work, one in my car, a couple at the house, one in my get the picture.

I hope you're having a great day! I enjoy hearing from you more than you could imagine. Give that adorable baby of yours a big hug for me, ok?
Hi. I went to Thorton. The one with the palm trees, pillars, and marble floors, right? They had leather couches too..I think. It was such a NICE hospital compared to the one I have to go to now. I also had a man doc named Dr. Conrad I don't know if you have heard of him... Anyway.. have a good day! (We are gonna try and make it to the mall :)
Dr. Conrad is my doctor! He is awesome. Have you ever seen that movie "As Good As It Gets"? There's a part where the new doctor comes to the house and the mom is just so shocked that there's actually a decent doctor who can make progress for her kid. When I met Dr. Conrad that's kinda how I felt. It was SO awesome to be in a situation where someone knew how to deal with an adult CFer. Not that my pediatricians weren't great (they were even at my wedding!) but they just didn't always have the know-how for adult stuff.

PLEASE email me (there's a link in my profile). I'd love to be able to converse a bit more privately and get to know you better than just posting here on the blog.

Hugs to you!
That's cool. He wasn't my doctor for very long, so I don't know him that well...but I liked him from what I remember. I will email you when I get the chance...Levi is sleeping on my lap right now and it's hard to type. (If I set him down right now I think he might cry.)
My sister and I have been reading a very, very sad blog called Coughing Fit. I don't know the address offhand but it sure did make me cry! :( Reading stuff like that scares me. But it is nice to talk to you!!!
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