Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mild Discomfort

Edgy in the gut.--Thoroughly Modern Millie

My innards must be shocked at the quality of meal they received last night. Lately it seems like we've been running in a hundred directions at once, so instead of actually sitting down to share a meal, Brad and I have been "foraging" as we call it. On my way home from work I stopped by the grocery store. I violated the cardinal rule of grocery shopping--never shop hungry. I bought more convenience foods than I ever had all at once. Thanks to coupons though, I didn't have a shocker of a bill.

Anyway, we had roasted chicken (the kind that is already hot at the store and you can just take home) mixed veggies (fresh, not frozen) and baked potatoes. I drowned my potato in sour cream and canola spread, and poured cheez whiz on my veggies. Mmmmm. Washed it all down with a glass of whole milk and I was good to go. Or so I thought.

All last night my gut has been aching like there's a gas bubble that won't move. It still hurts a bit today. On the plus side, I'm not bloated which is a change for me. I'm not sure what caused the problem though. I'm almost wondering if it was the peanut butter and apples that I had as a bedtime snack. I haven't had peanut butter in several months. *shrug*

Does anyone have any fascinating tidbits they can share about whether taking enzymes before/during a meal works best? Also, do you take them with EVERYTHING (even say, a glass of orange juice) or only when it's a substantial intake of food containing fats?

Even with the uncomfortable tummy I'm still making sure I'm working on my bag of pretzels here. I have a feeling the problem will work itself out (so to speak) later.

Enzymes..... boy do I hate enzymes!!!

Well they used to make me constipated,(maybe that was T.M.I.) so I stopped taking them and whe I need to gain weight they don't help and when I don't need to gain weight I do. So I gave up on them.

This kinda a gross topic ya'll so beware!!! I do get bad stomch aches sometimes I have ever since I was little and have undigested food in m stools or I throw it upthe undigested food in the middle of the night because my body ust rejects it!!

For example the other day I had a BLT for lunch...this is weird, I woke up knowing something that up-chucking was going to be coming soon so I went to the bathroom..and I threw up the tomatos and the lettcue they looked exactly they sane when I ate them...the tomatos were a nice juciy red and the lettuce green ab=nd whole as could be. So my body broke down the fat and carbs but rejected the veggie's the easy thing to digest???

Well sorry if I grossed you out...that's my story of stomch problems.

sorry about the typo' was a long day & I didn't feel like proof reading
Hello :-)
My name is Brittani, i'm 17, and I do not have CF. However, i'm great friends with Rebecca and Leah, having known them both for about 6 years.

I found your blog through Rebeccas, and just wanted to say 'hi' and let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. Its great to hear about your love for Christ, and faith in him when faced with hardships. It's truly a testimony to those of us who tend to stress over miniscule things.

Thanks for encouraging me today.
I also love the quotes that you have at the top of every entry. They're really fun!
Don't worry about gross stories, I think we all have them! I think we get to a point where there's so much that's commonplace that it doesn't gross us out anymore.

It's so nice to meet you. I'm glad that you have been encouraged by what you've read on my blog. We all get stressed out in one way or another. I'll be praying that God helps you manage the things in your life that are stressful. I look forward to hearing from you again sometime.

I was just wondering, was the BLT homemade or from a restaurant? My dad and I both have lots of tummy problems with MSG and veggies I eat from restaurants that use it tend to survive the digestive tract in one piece. Lettuce in particular.
Hi Lauren! I saw your post on my blog, yours is good, you have a way with words!

For the zymes, I take them with most things, but usually not juice (no fat in it, pretty much just carbs) or something like that. Any foodstuffs though, or milk.

I only can use Ultrase MT20s though, anything else just doesn't work for me. I'm sorry you have a tummy ache, they're horrible! I went through over a year of nausea (and I have a vomit phobia!) and we finally found out I had gastroparesis, so after I started taking Reglan for that, my stomach problems aren't as bad as they were.

Feel better! :)
I just got your comment on my LJ. I try to keep out of the grocery store when I'm hungry, but sometimes you just can't help it. I always take enzymes right before I eat, and it seems to work just fine. I don't take any with stuff like OJ. I don't take any with stuff like plain pretzels either. I don't really need them in those cases, the pretzels digest okay on their own. I only take them when I'm eating an actual meal, or anything with fat or grease (like when I had Cheetos earlier).
-Emily (65Roses)
Hi Gina,
Thanks for the compliment about my way with words.

My tummy ache is gone now. Bananas seemed to help.

Thanks for sharing your tips about the enzymes. I used to take Ultrase as well, but switched to Creon when Ultrase MT30s were discontinued. For the most part I do well with Creon. There was an unfortunate incident about 2 years ago where the pharmacist filled the prescription with generic enzymes. Boy was THAT a disaster! It took me months to figure out what the problem was and then a few more weeks to get things back on track.

I hope you're doing well. Have a great weekend.
Thanks for writing! I'm enjoying meeting new people by way of this blog and others like it. I hadn't heard of LJ before, is it pretty user friendly?

Hooray for Cheetos! My dad-in-law works for Frito Lay, so we have very easy access to just about everything they make. My latest favorite are the Stax, BBQ flavor.

I think a lot of us probably just do the enzymes with "actual meals" as you put it. I have a very easy time with pretzels too.

Talk to you again soon!
Hi Lauren! I haven't been on the computer for awhile... I hope you are doing well. I do a good job taking ALL my medicine...EXCEPT my creon!!!!!!! I never remember to take it. I don't notice a difference if I do or don't so I forget easiliy.

But anyway...I think I asked the doctor that same question once and don't quote me on this, but I believe they said it didnt matter either way. And that you could take it up to an hour before or an hour after you eat.

Thank God for nanners, huh? :) I used to ride a pony when I was little named Cappy, but we called him Nanner Man because they were his favorite treat, they gave him gas though.

Don't even get me started on generic enzymes, I know they're supposed to work the same, but you and I aren't the firsts to say they definitely don't.
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