Friday, October 07, 2005

I love my job

You find the fun and...*snap*! The job's a game! --Mary Poppins

Okay, I seriously couldn't resist sharing this with y'all. I'm a bit photo happy now that I've figured out how to put pictures on the blog. Weeeee!

The highlight of one of the projects I did at work recently was being out in the field at Camp Pendleton. There was a young rabbit stuck in a pipe, and being the fearless farm-girl that I am, I just went ahead and yanked it out of there. Here are the pictures from the ordeal. The first is a shot of the pipe with the rabbit down at the bottom. You may have to zoom in to actually see the rabbit. The second photo is me and one of our client's escorts helping pry the rabbit up using long poles sort of like chopsticks. Once we wiggled the furry fella up to where we could reach him, one of my coworkers said "just grab his ears" so I did. That last picture is me holding the rabbit by the ears.

For a more detailed description of the whole thing and some of my musings on the experience from a spiritual perspective, visit my "Pools of Grace" blog and read the post entitled "For My Next Trick..."

Hey, that looked like it was fun! Seems like a really cool job. Thanks for the prayers. I need them more than ever lately.
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