Tuesday, October 18, 2005

So-So Kind of Day

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, "What! You too? I thought I was the only one!"--C.S. Lewis

Every other week I get together with a group of young women to pray together. We all have different backgrounds, different situations, etc. but all of us need the support that comes from gathering together in prayer before our God. No matter what kind of week I'm having, I always leave our prayer meetings feeling tremendously uplifted.

I can't say enough how wonderful it is for me to have found some others out there who know what it is like to live day to day with CF. I like knowing that I'm not the only one who has trouble with enzymes and who thinks that some treatments are a total pain in the butt no matter how necessary or helpful they are.

Health-wise today is a good day. I was able to get up and get moving a little faster than usual which means I slept better. Motivationally speaking, I could be better. I've hit a plateau with my weight, so it's hard for me not to feel like eating is a chore. I know it's important to keep stuffing my face, but I just don't have much of an appetite today--not even for junk food! I've found that my appetite goes awry when I don't make a consistent effort to eat a big breakfast. I haven't had any Instant Breakfast at all yet this week. (Brad, if you read this, get on my case at dinner, okay?)

It's frustrating that my life tends to revolve around food. I know I should be counting my blessings that I have more digestive issues than lung problems, but still...I'd like to whine a bit. Don't worry, I'm not having a pity party; it's just a motivational thing.

Hi Lauren! I got your email! I am gonna email you back when I get a few minutes. Just wanted to let you know that :) Whenever it's rainy I feel a little gloomy and my days only feel so-so too. I prefer hot days, but maybe cause I am not in that So-Cal heat!

God bless you!
Hi Leah,

I hope that your day is going well and that it's better than just 'so-so'. Give your dancing, climbing, smiling baby boy a big snuggle hug from me.
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