Friday, July 04, 2008

Repeat Performance of Meds

The human comedy is always tragic, but since its ingredients are always the same - dupe, fox, straight, like burlesque skits - the repetition through the ages is comedy.

--Dawn Powell

Yesterday all the supplies and meds arrived so that I could start the next round of IV antibiotics. I'm very thankful that I don't have to be in the hospital for this session. Being at home will be much more restful, not to mention I'll get to see my husband for more than just 3 hours a day. That's a definite plus considering tomorrow is our 5th anniversary.

The last round of antibiotics really didn't do much for me, so I've been "chilling out" as the doctor put it, waiting for all those drugs to filter themselves out of my body. Now we can try again with a different cocktail. Since I'm at home and not in the hospital, it's up to me to measure my progress. I have a home spirometer as well as a pulse oximeter which I check once or twice a day to make sure I'm doing okay.

Right now my FEV1 and even my peak flow and O2 saturation aren't where they should be. Normally my peak flow (PEF) is up around 500 and my FEV1 2.0L or better. Yesterday I was only 1.4L and 325 on the PEF. Not good at all. I get easily winded just walking from room to room. Basically I'll be camped out on the couch for awhile. I'm glad to know though that I have plenty of family and friends praying for me. I'm pretty sure I'll get back on track once again, it just may take awhile.

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