Monday, July 07, 2008

5th Anniversary Date, etc.

We started IVs on Thursday evening when Brad came home from work. The Coram guy was noticeably more professional than the last time, which was good. I'm on 3 meds total. Colistin, Ceftaz and Levaquin.

I definitely am feeling the side effects of all these potent drugs. I've reached that "tune-up slump" phase where I'm just really tired. Yesterday was great though. I woke up when Brad did and made us Belgian waffles with strawberries. We exchanged cards and gifts over breakfast. I gave Brad a DVD and a nice silk shirt to wear that night for dinner. He gave me REAL PEARL earrings! I was so surprised! I thought dinner out to Cin Cin was my gift. Wow. The earrings are beautiful. I think I've mentioned before that Brad has a "thing" for earrings.

It was so clever how he picked them. He said he realized that he hadn't gotten me any "real" jewelry since our wedding. (I don't mind that at all. I'll shop at Claire's boutique any day for jewelry.) So, he went through my jewelry box and noticed that I didn't have any pearls except for a ring my grandma gave me in 8th grade. They were wrapped in a little silver box shaped like a heart. I can't get over it!

We sat around for most of the day and just watched movies on our Netflix instant queue. We watched a chick flick (Far and Away) and an action movie (Vantage Point). The day was actually very restful. At 5:30 we got ready for dinner. Boy did we look good! I should have had someone take a picture of us, but I forgot.

The restaurant was as wonderful as the last time we went. They were very generous with the bread basket; they even brought us an extra one when I asked. Hehehehe. Gotta get those calories somehow. I loved dipping the bruschetta in the olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Our meals were perfect, and for dessert we shared tiramisu. It was a very lovely evening. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Today I slept late and lounged around the house. I've been moving between the upstairs couch and the downstairs couch. We have an IV pole set up in both locations to make things easier. Brad is doing a phenomenal job of being my nurse. The first thing I saw on our anniversary morning was Brad hooking up my IVs. I smiled to myself and thought "now THAT is love in action."

5 years together and every year gets better. We are so thankful for the things we've learned about ourselves and each other. We've weathered some pretty intense storms together and come out the other side looking more beautiful than ever. God is faithful and gives us so many reminders of what true love really is.

Sounds like a perfect date. Congratulations on five years of true love.
Congratulations on five years :) What a great hubby you have. It really doesn't seem all that long ago that we were at your wedding. It will be six years for us this weekend.

Praying you can get some rest. I know how the sleep deprivation feels.... it's not fun.
Awww Brad!!!! What a very thoughtful story (can he come over and give Rob some pointers?? haha). Those earrings are going to have so much more meaning, instead of "just" earrings.

Happy 5 years (on the 5th!).
Congratulations on your anniversary.

I see you're on Levaquin, so i wasnt sure if you've heard about this

FDA apparently issued a warning on cipro, levaquin for possible tendon damage.
I'm a little late with this, but happy anniversary.
Congrats on 5 years!
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