Friday, August 03, 2007

Get in Shape, Girl! (Day 3)

Here are more workout photos. They're not the most flattering, but that's just too bad. My husband things I'm beautiful, so there! pbbbbbt

I always start with stretches. I've been excited to see progress here. A month ago I could hardly reach past my shins. Now I can reach past my toes!

Today I tried combining the crunches with the leg lifts. I noticed that my sense of balance is much better than it has been in the past. I can tell my muscles are stronger too because my legs don't wobble as badly as they used to.

But then of course there's my tan...

You'll note that I'm not wearing the vest today while I do my exercising. I did the vest just by itself this morning. I had slept pretty hard, so a lot of gunk "pooled" during the night. I knew I'd get too out of breath if I tried to combine airway clearance with my workout.

This contraption I've had for several months now. It's called a "Body Glide." It has tension bands that connect underneath for variable resistance. Mostly I use this to strengthen my quads, although you can use it for your arms too.

Oh man, my legs are just as skinny as that bar that I'm holding onto!

We need cheeseburgers, STAT!

Now it's back to the exercise bench to do some lifting. I have to learn to keep my back flat against the backrest so that I'm using the right muscles. I have a feeling doing so will help my PFT technique as well.

Pectoral flys? Pectoral flails is more like it. My technique needs a little fine-tuning., fresh water, with salt added of course, and some mixed berry yogurt. Yogurt has plenty of calories (170, in fact) and is a good source of protein. It also plays an important role in keeping my intestinal flora balanced.

Ahhhhhhhh...cross another successful workout off the list!

I appreciate your enthusiasm, Gimli, but that thing weighs more than you do!

Gimli's a good cheerleader. He also likes to come lick the sweat off my legs when I'm finished.

I applaud you on all your exercising. May it truly have the desired effects. I love your little bunny.

Ella turned one yesterday, so we celebrated, of course.
I already see the muscles bulging from your arms!!! Seriously though, it's great you are exercising :)
Animals love the salty sweat eh.
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