Monday, July 16, 2007

Keeping Track of the Newlyweds!

About three weeks ago I posted the news that a fellow CFer who happened to be a newlywed, received a double lung transplant. Today there was an update in the Los Angeles Downtown News online about his story and how things are going.

I spoke on the phone with Danielle a little while ago and she said that things are really going well. She sounded very much at peace and quite chipper! Even though she's not the one whose body is recovering from major surgery, I'm sure she has experienced quite the surge of emotions since their wedding day. Being a caregiver to a CFer is, every bit the wild ride that CFers themselves face. Although I have never met them personally, I am so proud of how they are handling themselves. Danielle was extremely gracious on the phone and I could tell just from our brief conversation that she is a woman of substance.

Danielle has been staying downtown while Bill recovers at USC Medical Center. It can't be easy to be on the complete opposite coast from your family, friends, and extended support group. Please join me in keeping them in prayer as they provide encouragement and support to each other. Pray especially for Danielle that she will have stamina and strength to help Bill get settled once they return to Massachusetts.

They hope to be leaving the hospital soon and heading back home to a fresh start as a married couple. All the best to Mr. and Mrs. Bill Senopoulos! I wish them both all the blessings life has to offer.

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