Saturday, June 23, 2007

Excited for a Friend I've Never Met

I have my "google alerts" set to let me know whenever CF is in the news. Today's google alert headline said "Medford Newlywed Received Lung Transplant." As I read it, my heart started pounding and lodged itself in my throat.

"Is that Bill?!" I thought to myself.

I read the article and learned that the CF patient in the article was in fact, Bill Senopolous. I had received an email just weeks ago from his wife, Danielle, as a comment on one of my articles about CF and bowel obstruction. She told me about their situation and asked for encouragement and support.

The newlyweds had only been married a day when Bill was hospitalized for extreme complications with CF. He and Danielle weren't even sure if he was going to be able to survive to have the life-prolonging transplant. If a donor did become available, they would have to endure a cross-country plane trip out to USC Medical Center.

I am excited to hear their news, and I hope that many of you will continue to pray for Bill's health and recovery process. Please pray also that Danielle will be able to withstand the stress and emotions that must be going on right now.

I wish them both a happy and fulfilling marriage. I'm glad they have a chance to start afresh.

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