Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Update about my book

Dear Future Husband is autobiographical in nature. From the time I was 14 I started writing letters addressed to "Dear Future Husband." I wrote them for 8 years. When Brad and I got engaged, I gave him the entire collection as a gift. It was amazing to see how God had answered the prayers I had been praying from my earliest teen years.

The book contains the letters verbatim, as well as narrative reflections on how they play a bigger role in our marriage. Pre-sales of Dear Future Husband will most likely be available on this blog or the publisher's website by the end of July. The official release date is scheduled for Labor Day Weekend, 2007.

Dear Future Husband will be an eBook. You purchase it through a website, then a CD with a PDF document is mailed to you.

Here's the "blurb" about the book as it appears on the publisher's website:

Chronicles of one young woman's prayerful commitment to finding a God-fearing husband, and the lessons she brought with her into marriage. It presents a compelling testimony of faith, hope, love and a greater understanding of God's sense of timing. Dear Future Husband speaks to the hearts of singles and couples alike, and reinforces the Biblical roles of men and women.

Visit Shulamite Publishing's website

Also, don't Miss From Hoochie to Holy by Joyce Leggette

A hard hitting book which boldly and honestly deals with how to bring the Lord into the area of our sexual wounds and sins for healing. Women who are ready to get off of their backs and onto their knees to get their deepest desires met are the very women who will benefit most from this book. Birthed in a radio series and expanded, and written by the host of the original radio program, this book is for overcomers.

Note: This book is being expanded to a multi-volume series of books written by multiple writers including the host and the guest of the original radio program. More volumes are in the works.

I wish you much success with your book, Lauren.
Congratulations! That is very exciting to have your book published :)
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