Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Happy 4th (Anniversary that is!)

Brad and I had a great time celebrating our anniversary. We took advantage of the fact that most of the San Diego population was out at the beach for the holiday. The mall parking lot was emptier than I had ever seen it, so we were able to park nice and close to the movie theatre for a change. Since we were in a wedding frame of mind, we bought tickets for "License to Wed." It was very entertaining, but it was disappointing in how certain pre-marital activities (i.e. shacking up) were glossed over. There was the redeeming fact that it mentioned that the divorce rate is higher for couples who live together before marriage. At least they got that right.

But I don't want to dwell on the negative. I want to think about how much fun we had. We spent the morning and early afternoon just lallygagging around the house. I don't think I had ever stayed in my pajamas that long outside of being in the hospital. It was SO relaxing. Brad spent some time online playing backgammon, and I did a bit of exercising.

We went to the movie around 5, and decided to eat dinner afterward. Red Lobster. Mmmmmmm. I think I packed away about 6 of those cheddar bay biscuits. At the end of the meal there was still one left in the little basket, and Brad commented on how unlike me it was to leave food. So I picked up a napkin, grabbed the thing and put it in my purse. It made for a nice midnight snack.

On the way back to the car we walked passed a lovely flower bed. I didn't want our anniversary to go undocumented, so we took pictures of each other with Brad's cell phone. They aren't the sharpest, but I'm really glad we have them. I like having something to look back on with fondness. I still enjoy looking at our wedding album. That was a beautiful day. We've added so many beautiful memories to it over the last 4 years. Lord willing, we'll celebrate many, many more anniversaries together.

Sounds like a great anniversary. JG and I are celebrating our 10th next month... we are now old married folks, and beat about 50% of the statistics to still be married after 10 years, esp with CF in the mix. So glad that you and Brad found each other. Makes it a lot easier to bear.
Hi, Lauren,
I've been having difficulty commenting on blogger lately. I guess it's something in my computer. At any rate, it's working right now. I read you every day, and my children are coming to your site to check things out too.
I wish you many more years of happiness with Brad. Your bunny is precious. I love the photos of him hiding from you. Those little ears sticking up above the basket are precious.
Happy anniversary! Matt and I celebrate our 5th on Friday :)
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