Saturday, July 14, 2007

How I'm Spending My Day

I managed to get a fairly decent amount of sleep last night. We stayed up way too late, but amazingly I'm not tired today. I think I'm getting better at pacing myself and spending my energy wisely, being sure to keep some of it in reserve.

Tonight my husband and I are heading up to Escondido to share a meal with friends. We'll also be attending tonight's show at "Saturday Backyard." Katie Christine is the featured artist this evening (that's her in the photo.) If you haven't checked her out yet be sure to do so. She's got some great tunes available on her MySpace page.

If you live in the San Diego North County area and would like to spend a relaxing evening listening to a local musician, here's your chance. The Saturday Backyard Concert Series is going on every Saturday evening through the end of September. It's a great venue, very intimate. The address is 777 Felicita, Escondido. The show is free, but I encourage you to consider supporting these talented local musicians by purchasing their CDs.

Need directions? Here's a map!.

Hope to see you there!

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