Monday, August 06, 2007

Chasing the Wind (David's Song)

It's been a week now since we found out about David's passing. Although it's still difficult for me to realize that I'll never see him again, I'm moving through the grieving process as well as can be expected.

Naturally, since I'm a writer, my creative energy and emotional experiences seem to wind up in some written form. I'd like to share with you a poem I wrote in David's memory. Although our friendship had such a brief season, I'm blessed to have met him.

"Chasing the Wind" (David's Song)

He said "I feel like I'm chasing the wind.
I want so much to be free.
How can I have peace? How can I be sure,
God's grace is meant for me?"

I shared with him my own doubts.
but that My faith that helps me run this race.
And somewhere inside him, I know it connected;
a warm smile spread across David's face.

I had only meant to encourage,
to be a friend on whom he could lean.
I couldn't have known that the seeds I'd sown
were nothing compared to Spirit's indwelling.

By his chasing the wind, our paths had crossed,
though only for a season.
The winds of change have carried him away
without explanation or reason.

If he had chased the wind forever
would he somehow be able to find
the holy secrets and the mysteries--
the reason why God gives us life?

All that season his faith grew strong;
He set aside fear and worry.
He knew that God had a plan no matter what,
and that life should not be hurried.

The day that it happened I'll never quite know;
some things are better left that way.
Still the fact remains that I've lost my friend David.
But I know this is what he'd say:

"I couldn't chase the wind forever,
once I was able to find
the holy secrets and mysteries
and the path to eternal life.
I'm no longer chasing the wind.
Breezes are only on earth.
I'm more at peace here than I've even been.
There's a joyfulness I'd never known.
I'm no longer chasing the wind,
the wind has carried me home."

So on these long summer days
when the sun kisses my face
and I feel breezes play with my hair
I'll whisper a prayer thanking God for David,
and that he's no longer chasing the wind.

We cannot chase the wind forever;
there's so much for us to find,
hidden in the mystery of God's great love,
and the promise of eternal life.

Dedicated to the Memory of David Matthieu 1963-2007.

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