Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm easily amused (but you already knew that)

I have a new vest,the inCourage version from Respirtech, and I am demo-ing the Thayer Quake to see if I can't improve my FEV1. So far I'm REALLY pleased with how much gunk is coming up during and after each vest treatment. The vest I had before never did that.

Today as I was relaxing in the bath I felt a few oysters on the rise, and I was SO comfortable that I didn't want to have to move at all just so I could go spit into the trashcan. The toilet seat was still up from my having cleaned it earlier in the day I thought...hmmmm..."I wonder if I could make that shot?" I horked up a good one. Nothing but net! er, I mean water. Instead of a swish I heard a splash and silently congratulated myself on hitting the target.

With the taste of victory (and a salty mucous wad) on my tongue I arched my neck and tried it again. 2 points! I played this silly game for a few minutes. Out of 15 shots fired I only missed 2. One I overshot and had to wipe off the wall, and the other caught some sort of tail wind from the bathroom fan and went rogue on me.

Airway clearance has never been so exciting! I'm thinking of installing a scoreboard above the toilet tank. Then again, maybe I've been watching too much Home Improvement.

LOL, I just read your post on the forum.
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