Monday, July 21, 2008

Off the Oxygen!

I'm really liking the doctor that I have (this week.) He's very good at answering questions and even lets me see lab results and treatment notes. I like knowing what's going on.

Today started on a rough note. They gave me a different medication for pain than they usually do, and it made me throw up. Ugh. The remedied this by giving me an anti-nausea medication. That put me to sleep for about 4 hours. It was a nice nap all in all.

One of doctors on the team said that every time she comes in here I'm sleeping. She said I should really try to get to sleep at a decent hour so I don't sleep all during the day. I told her that the medications I'm on for bipolar make certain that I'm asleep by 10 at the latest, and that it's because the nurses wake me up at 5:30 to tell me they're setting out my pills that I'm supposed to take at breakfast. Not to mention the fact that these are some hard core antibiotics, and that drains my energy too.

This afternoon we hit a good milestone. I came off the oxygen and at 95% on room air. I'll still wear it at night, but that's okay with me. I like knowing I can sleep and breathe easily.

All the stress of the last couple weeks has taken its toll on Brad. He's sick. I saw it coming a mile away, even though he was trying to hide it from me so I wouldn't worry about him. What a self-sacrificing guy. All the nurses comment on what a darling couple we are. I said "If you think we look look in hospital attire, you should have seen us at our wedding!"

I have a student nurse helping me out today and she's been really good. She asks me if I mind answering questions about CF and my meds; She does it in a way that makes her sound like she genuinely wants to learn about stuff. She just popped her head in here to say "goodnight" which I thought was really nice.

So things are on their way up, though I have a long way to go. There's no release date in site, especially since my FEV1 was so low. I'm curious about what it will be like tomorrow. I'll be sure to post about that.

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