Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hospital visit

Hi Breathing Deeply readers… it's Brad (Lauren’s husband).

I just wanted to let you know that she's in the hospital again. The tune-up we started at home wasn’t working as well as we had hoped, and starting a couple of days ago she was having increased shortness of breath. This morning, one of the first things out of her mouth after I woke up this morning was “we need to go to the hospital.”

She was having a hard time breathing and walking, and due to some construction at our hospital she needed to walk farther than usual to get in to the emergency room. She never made it on her own power, though, as she ran out of breath and had to stop just inside the hospital entrance.

Thankfully, it was right as several nurses were showing up for the day, and also as one of her favorite RTs was on her way out after a night shift. These great ladies all helped her get oxygen and a wheelchair and got her over to the ER without her lifting another finger (or foot).

Anyway, the oxygen and IVs (they changed the cocktail a little bit from what she'd been taking at home) seem to making her a bit better, though it looks like she might have pneumonia again. The brightest spots of the day, though, were seeing familiar faces. In addition to the RT who helped her in the morning, one of our favorite nurses was taking care of her after she was admitted.

Anyway, please keep her in your prayers. We're hoping she'll be able to kick this odd exacerbation and come home soon!


I hope she feels better soon and hope the new meds work fast!! I will keep her in my prayers!! Thanks for the update!
Praying as I type this.

We love you Lauren!!!

Thank you Brad for posting.
Just saw her blog on cf.com and then saw your post, Brad.

I've been very concerned about her and I'm sorry that my worries weren't unfounded. You can tell her that I'm crying right now because I have an inkling of what she's going through and I don't want her to go through it!

I'll be praying for her and watching for an update.
Brad, thanks for updating about lauren. I had seen in her blog at cf.com too that she was back in the hospital.

Praying for quick improvement.
Sending you waves of God's healing light.

Love and Light,
Crap, tell her to relax and get better. Sending good thoughts...
Brad,I have come to this blog via my grandson's blog-acure4lilchris.blogspot.com. I am sorry to read that Lauren is in the hospital. I will be praying with you that she recovers quickly. It's amazing how we don't really bother to read up on different diseases until it hits home. I am guilty of that very thing. I had heard of Cystic Fibrosis in passing but never really knew what it was outside of the fact that it affects the lungs until one day in June of 2007, my son called me to say that their 2 week old baby, Lil Chris, has CF. How hard it was to be strong for my son when all the time my heart was breaking.
As I was reading Lauren's blog, I was blessed that her faith in our Savior is so strong and that her life is a witness to others. Thank you, Lauren.
Betty Ann (aka Oma to my grandkids)
I hope Lauren is feeling better!!
How is Lauren? I think about her all of the time.

Update please!
Please tell Lauren little Froggy is praying for her. Sending big healthy hugs from LA. xoxo Elise, (Froggymama)
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