Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Latest Articles

If you have some time on your hands, I'd like to encourage you to read my most recent articles. A lot of them are about health topics, but there's some other interesting stuff thrown in.

The Health Benefits of Peanuts

Peanut butter sandwiches. Salted shelled peanuts. Unshelled, unsalted. However you like to eat your peanuts, there's no denying that these wonderful little legumes are a healthy choice in the diet.

Using Aspirin to Treat Teen Acne

Acne treatment can help solve the problem but are often expensive and take six to eight weeks to yield visible results. Interestingly enough, a less expensive and faster solution may come from aspirin.

The Dangers of Using Expired Drugs

The symptoms are all the same as before, so you diagnose yourself as having the same nasty bug you caught last year. Rather than reaching for your car keys to drive to the drug store, you reach for the medicine cabinet, and are pleased to discover that you still have some leftovers of the medications you used last year. Almost as an afterthought, you glance at the expiration date and discover that the date has long since past. "What's the harm" you think, "it's probably still just as good as before."

Natural Ways to Decongest a Baby

A runny nose. Congested breathing. Wet-sounding coughs. Sounds like the baby has caught a cold. When older children and adults get sick, treating the problem seems easy. But when your baby has a cold with congestion, figuring out the best way to help alleviate the symptoms can be a challenge. Here are four easy, natural ways to help your infant start breathing better.

Why High-Sugar Diets may cause Yeast Infections

Whether it's the kind that manifests itself on the tonge as oral thrush, or the itching and burning type that affects your nether regions, a yeast infection is something no one wants to endure. One of the ways to avoid getting one is to be careful to limit the amount of sugar in the diet.

Facts About Dental Hygiene

Proper hygiene not only keeps you from having embarrassingly bad breath and a less-than-sparkling smile; it can yield a healthier body too. Your smile is most likely the first thing people will notice about you. With this in mind, good dental hygiene is just cosmetic and healthful, it's polite!

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