Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Worthwhile Ministry, and a Blog You Should Check Out

No one is safe from temptation, but our God and Father has assured us that nothing is too difficult for us to bear with His help. Some people's temptations lead them into an imprisoned existence within themselves known as addiction. Addiction of any kind can seem overpowering. But there is One who has power to release us from our addictions.

Judith Ann Hillard, author of The Other Woman at the Well is a woman of faith who has overcome addiction. For years she was addicted to cocaine, and by the power of God and the prayers of her closest family and friends has been restored. She now works hard to educate others about the pitfalls and prevalence of addiction, particularly drug and substance abuse among young adults. She is a vibrant public speaker, and exceptionally candid.

Judith is looking to expand her ministry, in order to reach those who battle addiction of any kind. She has recently begun a blog where she posts information about drug and substance abuse. Addiction Overcome. Please drop by and leaving her a comment. She is also available to speak to just about any type of group. God's work as demonstrated through her is powerful. She is a walking, talking example of addiction overcome.

Be sure to order her book, published by Xulon Press!

It's a startlingly honest account of her life as an addict, and the ways in which she was able leave addiction behind.

Click here to place an order at Xulon's website:

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