Saturday, March 17, 2007

Because I Fancy Myself a Writer

Here are some of my recently added articles to Helium's website. They're currently having a writers contest, and a portion of my score will be based on how many "hits" my articles receive. So please, come check them out!

The Seven Virtues

A Christian's View of Suffering

How the Internal Combustion Engine Works

Exposing Fitness Myths

Freelance Writing: Advice and Encouragement

A Day in the Life of an Intern

How to Be a Team Player

Anemia: Causes and Symptoms

White Noise

Exercise versus Genetics

Eliminating Sugar from the Diet?

Medullary Sponge Kidney Disease

Finding True and Honest Friends

Preventing Indigestion

Are Dandelions Safe to Eat?

How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

ANA Test Results and Lupus

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