Friday, October 28, 2005

Something Painful this way Comes

NURSE: Lord, how my head aches! What I head have I! It beats as though it would fall in twenty pieces.--Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Scene V

About noon yesterday I got a migraine--a vile, wicked one that didst make my bowels churn and my orbs seek safety from garish light by retreating under their fringed covers. Whereupon, I called out to mine husband and relayed to him my agony.

Lauren: "Praythee, please release me from my obligation this fine night."

Lord Bradley: "Verily, does thou now wish not to see the fine minstrels?"

Lauren: "Nay, give me leave awhile, for I need to rest my weary head. 'tis better that I slumber now."

Lord Bradley: "Fare thee well my wife. I shall return to thy side before the stroke of midnight and greet thee with a tender kiss on your lovely cheek."

Lauren: "Sounds good. Can you throw me that bottle of Advil before you go?"


No, we don't talk like that. Not on a regular basis anyway.

So basically I went to bed around 8:30 and Brad went to see a band at some club in Solana Beach. He told me this morning that it was probably best that I stayed home, and that if I didn't have a headache before, the music would have certainly given me one. Not that it was bad, it just had a LOT of mixed meter and stuff that made it difficult to follow.

Today my headache is lingering, but it's not a blinding, vomitous pain like it was yesterday. Sleep is usually very effective for helping my headaches, and I certainly got plenty of that last night! I wasn't even crabby this morning. I'm still doing quite well and I haven't had a single drop of caffeine--usually I'm halfway through a bottle of Coca Cola by now. Today I'm sipping on caffeine free black cherry soda (generic brand). It's a little sticky and it will probably turn my teeth a bit pink, but that's okay since I've got a toothbrush here in my desk at work.

Speaking of which, my break is over now so I should get back to reviewing documents for our client.

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