Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Good Life

Back in December we hired a cleaning service. When Brad first brought up the idea I was offended. Me?! Need a cleaning woman? Don't you know I'm Dutch? I can keep a house just fine thank you very much!

The truth is, Brad didn't bring up the idea because he was dissatisfied with the way our house looked. He wanted to hire someone so that I would have less on my plate to worry about. He knows how much I enjoy making our house a home, and just because we hired someone else to vacuum, dust and wipe the counters doesn't mean I'm any less of a wife.

We've recently juggled our finances and got creative so that we can have the Maid Brigade come twice a month. I've been pretty happy with them so far. They don't use any strong smelling or allergy inducing products. In fact, part of their company's policy is to promote better health through cleaner homes. I'm all for that! Today when I came home after work it was so nice to know that the range on the oven was shiny and clean, just beckoning me to make us a wonderful meal. The upstairs loft was freshly vacuumed, ready for me and Gimli to play a quick game of "tag" before I even changed my clothes from work.

Now, here I am, sitting on what appears to be a freshly rotated couch cushion, enjoying the sound of our whites spinning away in the washing machine. I had energy to sort and start the laundry because I wasn't busy wiping down the surfaces in the bathroom.

This is the good life. I have a God who provides for me, a husband who loves me, a job that satisfies me and the medications I need to keep on enjoying it all for quite a long time yet to come. Yes; this is good.

A cleaning service is not a luxury. When I was ill in 1991, my husband hired someone to clean our house.

After I was better, he continued to pay for her to come each week. The last check that he wrote before his death was to the cleaning lady.
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