Saturday, March 08, 2008

Finishing up a Great Week

Despite my lack of sleep on Tuesday night, Wednesday and the rest of the week turned out to be great! Brad and I enjoyed a nice meal at Peking Palace before my doctor appointment. We were really hoping and praying that the results of my lung function tests would be sufficient to stop the course of IVs.

My first FEV1 was over 2.0 and I wanted to see how much higher I could get. I did a few more tests, and I didn't have to stop to rest or cough like crazy in between. My highest FEV1 turned out to be 2.28L. My peak flow was 780, which was pretty awesome considering that my allergies and asthma were going wack-o. Another highlight of the appointment was that my weight was up considerably from the week before. I've got just a couple of pounds to go before I'm back at a personal best. I'm working out again at least 4 days a week, and I'm sure that's contributing to making me feel well.

My doctor was satisfied with my progress and said I could go ahead and deaccess my port. I did one more infusion of Merrem that night just for luck, and then took a much needed hot bath and crawled into bed. The doctor is concerned though about the possibility that I have C. Diff. I have to go have some lab work done to check on that.

In the work arena my week was great too! I was given a couple of great assignments that really challenged me. I was able to complete them to the satisfaction of my supervisor. That meant a lot to me. I had been worried about the transition back to work after being out for the tune-up. It was extremely gratifying to be welcomed back and treated just like any other employee. I really appreciate that about my workplace. Even with all the shifts we've had lately in personnel, I've been able to ride the tide so to speak and keep up with the group.

Yay, Lauren!
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