Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm a Winner!

Last week I participated in an online writing contest. My articles managed to work their way up through the ranks, and when the final tallies came in, I was ranked 16th on the official Leader Board. (more than 50 entrants trailed me.) This translated into a nice little chunk of change--every freelance writer's goal!

Here are the articles that I submitted to the contest. There were 488 preassigned topics, but I only tackled the ones I could write about from an informed (or at least creative) perspective.

Evaluating a Job Offer
Finding Happiness at Work
Success is About Attitude, not Aptitude
How to Lose your Job

How the Internal Combustion Engine Works
The Case for Hybrid Cars
The Difference Between Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
Finding Hybrids with the Best MPG

The Four Noble Truths
The Seven Virtues
Puritanism's Legacy for American Government and Law

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