Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference

This year was my first opportunity to attend the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference, up near San Jose, CA. As a newbie, I made a point to ask people what I could expect from the event. I was told repeatedly that it was going to be like trying to get a sip of water from a fire hose. I just assumed that statement was hyperbole.

I went to the conference with an attitude to learn. Certainly, I was excited about the opportunity to meet editors and other freelancers whom I admire (Austin Boyd, Randy Ingermanson, Sally Stuart, just to name a few), but I refrained from pressuring myself into taking every class. I'm happy to report that I didn't feel overwhelmed, and the only thing that really wore me out was the thin mountain air.

Judith Ann Hillard is the first friend I made at the conference. We learned that we're both fans of the TV show "House" and that we both struggle with an invisible illness. Judith has MS; not the fun MS with the bike rides and 10Ks and balloons, but the scary kind. She is a joyfully exuberant recipient of God's grace, and has quite a powerful testimony. She has self-published her story with Xulon Press. "The Other Woman at the Well" is a truthful accounting of addiction overcome.

Austin Boyd
and I first crossed paths about a year ago thanks to Randy Ingermanson. As Austin puts it, he and I began "swapping lies" via email, and learned that in addition to working for the same company, we also have connections to CF. His neighbor is the founder of sourceCF. Small world, isn't it?

I'm counting down until July 4, when NavPress will release the long awaited conclusion to Austin's techno-thriller trilogy. A newly autographed copy of "The Evidence" and "The Proof" (the first two books in the Mars Hill series) are already part of my ever-expanding library.

Lauren, I am so glad you enjoyed the Writer's Conference. I attended last year as a newbie and it was the impetus for my blog. I thought maybe I might have a book in me, but so far, the blog is fulfilling my writing urge. We used to live in the Bay Area before the move to AZ. Looks like you had a good time.

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